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August 30, 2009

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Essie Nail Polish:

Essie Nail Polish

Essie Nail polish is loved by many.  They have an array of nail polish, anything from light colors to black.  Personally, I believe that it stays on longer than any other brands—sometimes I’m just shocked that I can go a week without it chipping.  It’s fairly priced (retails for insert what we said in video here).  

For their latest collect, Essie paired up with Judith Ripka and created three limited edition shades: Queen of Hearts (classic red), Put a Ripka Ring on It (sheer/sparkling pink) and Heart MY JR Jewels (deep burgundy). But what’s so limited edition about it? The two teams decided to give this collection a twist and instead of just adding gold and platinum to the polished, they threw in a diamond.  Prepare yourself because in three out of the 30,000 limited-edition bottles , you will find one-carat diamond, emerald or sapphire.

Now there’s a thrill to buying this nail polish!

We found the best price on Amazon Essie Nail Polish Line

love it!

CND Colour & Effects

cnd nail polish

Recently, CND launched a new line of fifty colors and fifteen glimmering “effects” that are to be layered on top of the regular polish.  The new colors vary and are available from everything pinks and reds as well as the whitest whites (Brilliant White) to the darkest blacks (Brilliant White).  The fifteen “effects” that CND offer change the tone of the color in a variety of ways, depending on the effect you choose.  From “Shimmers,” which offers a more dramatic tone, to “Sparkles” which offers a diamond shine, you’re nails will be looking top notch! You can mix and match colors with effects to find the color that defines you best. 

And with their new line, CND launched their new bottle, which is a bit wider than their old one.  The bottle, which has a rubberized cap for easy twist off, is designed to between the thumb and the forefinger making your nail polishing experience easier. 

You can buys all kinds of shades at only $6 each Creative Nail Design Nail Polish .5 oz.

love it!


It may not look very different from any other foot-file but I think that Hoof definitely works better.  This smoothing foot-file can be used to keep heels/feet looking fresh and healthy. This tool provides the same quick and easy result as a salon pedicure. It leaves heels soft, smooth and callus free.  We found that for the best results, it should be used on dry skin.

Unfortunately we were unable to find this product on line, but we did contact Onyx Labs, and look forward to their response. You too can email them at:  

love it!

August 30, 2009

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There is nothing worse than trying to get dressed as quickly as possible for a night out and realizing that my legs are not shaved.  While some people have it easy and can throw their leg in the sink and shave their legs in a matter of minutes- that’s not the case for me.  I have dry skin, so when I’m shaving I know I can expect the best results when I do two things: use shaving cream and take my time.  But let’s face it- no one has time, and we rarely use shaving cream. However, after many years I have learned that with the right razor we can fulfill both of these needs at the same time (regardless of what kind of skin we have), and have legs that are shaved to perfection.  The Venus Embrace razor by Gillette does exactly what the packaging promises.  It leaves you with “dramatically smooth skin”.

Venus Embrace

I know that when I use Venus Embrace I’m guaranteed to end up with results I am satisfied with.  But why?  First of all, it has a comfortable grip which makes it easy to hold onto- whether my hands are slippery from the shower or if I’m just rushing, making sure I’ve covered my entire leg while trying to balance myself on one foot while my other leg is in the sink (it’s just as funny as it sounds- but I’m sure we’ve all attempted to do it!).

Second, it has 5 blades so it leaves my legs smooth and absent of unwanted hairs.  And let’s face it- every time I shave, I just have to get the chills.  Going over my goosebumps with any other razor leaves my legs looking dry and flakey and my skin completely irritated—something I am sure none of us are interested in—and I have found that this razor does not.  So do I love it? Yes! Are their drawbacks? Ehh, also a yes.

While shaving with the Venus Embrace razor by Gillette is a smooth experience, there is one thing that is not- the packaging.  Just like any product that is packed with hard plastic, it’s impossible to open.  But don’t be frightened by this.  Use scissors and don’t rush through opening it—after all, shaving should be an enjoyable experience that leaves our hands and our legs free of cuts!

So, The Venus Embrace razor by Gillette? I love it, do you?


Retails: For $10.74 At Amazon, Click Here To Buy Now

Refillable System with ShowerSafe® Cartridges approximately $13

(Each package contains: • 1 Venus® Embrace® Razor • 2 Refill Cartridges • 1 ShowerPod®

Gillette Refill Cartridges (4 Pack) approximately $15


Handle has no slip grip

Has 5 blades on razor tip, resulting in a closer shave

Convenient shower-holder

Interchangeable blade


Plastic packaging is a pain to open

It’s pricier than other razors

Refill blades are expensive

love it!

August 29, 2009

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For at least a decade I have wanted to go skydiving. My children
always thought I was kidding, and as years passed by so did I. Last
week, when my 21 year old son asked me if I wanted to go skydiving
with him, before I could even stop to think I blurted out YES. He was
dialing the facility in San Diego and booking the dive.

When my husband came home and heard about the plan, I knew that he was
devastated. I knew he would be and I felt guilty, well…just a little
bit. I knew this was safe to do, especially when I’d be strapped to a
trained professional who would guide me each step of the way.

Driving to our destination, I couldn’t decipher if I was worried,
scarred, excited or all of the above. When we got to the parking lot,
all three of us were shocked. The lot was full. “WOW” I guess we were
not the only crazy people out there, and I guess we are we not in a
recession???? Skydiving isn’t cheap, and at $200 dollars a dive, I
just couldn’t believe how many people were gearing up and lining up.
Lucky for me I was assigned to an instructor that made me feel at
ease. He was very calm, and the fact that he was very cute helped

As the plane took off with 23 people aboard, I was still calm. It felt
like the right thing to do, and that was eerie. We were the first to
get on the plane, therefore we would be the last to jump. The plane
was climbing higher and higher into the sky. We were now thirteen
thousand feet in the air. I was getting excited. Then the door of the
plane swung open and the first jumpers started falling off the plane
one by one first, and then the tandems followed. We were freefalling
at 120mph for about a minute. With wind in my face and my mind racing
I couldn’t believe how great it felt. As soon as the parachute
opened, I was enjoying breathtaking views and thinking that I should
do this again.

skydiving women over 40

I know that this thrill isn’t for everyone, but I have to say it was
one of the craziest thing I’ve ever done, and the fact that my son was
flying right next to me made it all that much more special.

I did it, and I would do it again!!!

Yana Berlin