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I’m giving it

love it!

I liked the bag as soon as I opened the box, but Steph was so enthusiastic that we had her review the bag all by herself. See what she had to say.



Its a bag in a bag… talk about Eco-Chic! Apparently, the average family household uses 1000 plastic bags a year. When you multiply that by all the families out there, phewww! Blue Avocado really nailed it. I am so excited about these bags, not only because they are adorable and come in a huge selection (who thought I would ever get excited about grocery bags?), but they are eco-friendly. Thats right, because of Blue Avocado I am not wasting paper bags at the grocery store
anymore…I was really excited to try out the sturdy product that proved it is durable, fashionable, and well, it made me feel good to not be wasteful. I tried out the “gro” & the “veg,” and visited their website and got overly excited about all the combinations they offer- they have some many multifunctional options: pak.chil.gro.veg.pod.

blue avocado bag


So many options- sizes, styles, combinations
Fruit/Veggie bag is washer/dryer friendly
Long Strap
Button Flap
Fashion friendly
Makes me feel good!

I can’t say I have any…

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love it!

The reviewed product was most likely given to us by the maker for review.

8 Comments to “Episode 8 – Blue Avocado Bag Review”

  1. Marya says:

    Most and reusable..what a perfect pair. :)

  2. vicki day says:

    Absolutely fantastic ……… so many uses and uses ….

  3. vicki day says:

    what a great product,I would definitely use that

  4. Victoria Hall says:

    I couldn’t get the video to play but when I dbl clicked it took me to youtube and there I got to watch.

    The bag looks bigger than most canvas bags I have seen and I like the idea of the longer handles.

  5. Judy Reed says:

    I would absolutely use these!!! When mine wear out, I’ll get some of these!

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    Episode 8 – Blue Avocado Bag Review | Love Or Hate Debate

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