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No bullsh*t product reviews, we tell it how it is!

In this webisode, the Love or Hate Debate Team reviews the Cinturilla
Golden Corset by No Ordinary Rose.

This specially- designed corset lifts and tucks excessive fat you want
to hide. Those few inches at the waist and lower abdomen that just
won’t go away with exercise, diet or post-baby can fall right off with
the Cinturilla Golden. The patented lacy design will reduce your
waistline instantly up to 2 sizes while flattening your tummy and
supporting your spine to give you great posture.

Yana tried on this Cinturilla Golden Corset by No Ordinary Rose and
found that it did hide her love handles (without the gym), and lifted
her bust area. She then tried on the corset with a t-shirt and found
it fit well underneath her top.

Stephanie also felt the corset on Yana and gave it a love because of
the boost it gave to her upper body, however Stephanie did not need it
for herself because she does not have fat on her upper body.

love it!

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The reviewed product was most likely given to us by the maker for review.

6 Comments to “Product Review Episode 16 – Cinturilla Golden Corset by No Ordinary Rose”

  1. Ruby Cantu says:

    Where can you find this?

  2. Cynthia Schmidt says:

    I’ll have to give it a try. I have a lot more fat in my middle than Yana, though.

  3. LoveOrHateDebate says:

    Sorry, just posted the link, but here it is again to buy directly

  4. From cold fish to hot blooded mammal, thanks to one single item of lingerie – I will leave the rest up to your imagination!

  5. Good post. This seems a whole lot different from your regular blogs. Come on readers, respond! I can’t possibly be the only regular who enjoys this? 😛

  6. Rock says:

    Hello, I have read that book my self. It is really good, I have found that Jaquline Wilson wreits very good and intresting. I love the book review that you have done, you should be extremely prond of yourself. Eloise

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