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Would you apply Vegetarian Clay on your face? That’s what Blissoma is all about! While we receive many requests for beauty lines, this one stood out because of its natural approach. They call it “food for the skin!” Blissoma’s ingredients are derived from organic foods and herbs making this a healthy product! We tested out several of their products, and focused in on the “peace” and “refine.”

Lets face it – we all have hectic and stressful days and at by the time it gets dark outside we really do need some peace in our lives! Peace is an evening facial creme that has an anti-inflammatroy calming treatment making it perfect for all skin types and gave me just the right amount of nutrients and moisture for my skin. I like that this solution is made for flakiness and acne (non-oil related).

blisoma peace

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love it!


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Next from Blissoma: Any woman out there who has several face masks in her mirror closet and continues to convince themselves that you will do it “later?” I have the same problem….but when I actually used this creamy clay formula and saw results I actually went back for seconds later in the week. This formula is made from lava clay beds in Morocco – jeez! That’s far away I feel honored to be using it! It has iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and others that are typically a part of our vitamin intake (or what we are supposed to take lol)! I also love that there is organic Licorice in this product to lighten sun damage. Awesome!

– Vegetarian3
– Certified cruelty-free
– 100% truly natural!

Refine Blissoma

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10 Comments to “Episode 24 – Stocking Stuffers Part IV”

  1. vicki day says:

    I love the sound of this and I love you two on the video

  2. Great product, does so many amazing things. thank you for sharing with us.

  3. I love the fact that it’s natural and has vitamins to nurish the skin. Sounds like something we all need in our bathroom cabinet.

  4. geralyn says:

    Well, I must say sounds mostly like my products! Pure, safe and beneficial is our motto and we use herbs and botanicals. At Arbonne we also employ WORLD famous botanists, scientist and chemists to come up with our patented formulations! Go ahead and google Peter Matravers, Petter Morck or Pierre Bottiglieri…so, if you want the confidence of years of experience with the top people in the industry, well Arbonne is your answer! Would love to chat with you!

  5. Marya1961 says:

    Definitely something I will add to my beauty regimen.

  6. faye says:

    I googled this one. I may have to try it when I get the $$$.

  7. angus beef says:

    Definitely a great post. I’ll use the product to enhance my buty. Thanks.

  8. Info Tunes says:

    My skin is very oily, can I apply Blissoma on my screen? If yes, is it positve for my skin?

  9. Vhvdgeorce says:

    You’ve gotten terrific information on this website.

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