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Apple has made magic again with its latest product, the iPad. It looks like an iPhone on steroids and works like an iPhone on the juice, too. If this is the first you’ve heard of the iPad’s release, don’t be surprised; Steve Jobs and everyone at Apple know they don’t need to advertise, not even so much as putting up a billboard.

So here’s the low-down on the new gadget to compensate Apple’s lack of in-your-face marketing. Apple Apps dominate its function, not a point of criticism but this does add to the feeling that you’re working with a giant iPhone. The consistency in products is nice though, especially with software that is famously user-friendly and straightforward.


The specs breakdown:

• Approximately ten hours of battery life when the settings are kept at energy-efficient levels; battery is also rechargeable as would be expected.
• 9.7” LED screen that promises a great picture no matter what angle you hold it at (practically).
• Similar usage as the iPhone and iPod touch surface, but Apple promises a much smoother, more precise touch than either of its touchscreen predecessors.
• AT&T 3G internet coverage
• Also like the iPod touch, the iPad comes with three GB options: 16, 32, 64—the standards.

A few criticisms of the iPad: The name irks me, just saying it makes me think of old Aunt Flow and I think I’m going to rename it the iTop for my personal vocabulary. No camera, surprising and a big points loss. Awkward size between computer and book, but if you don’t mind carrying things or love the oversized purse look, you’ll have no problem. The lack of Flash capability was a good move on Apple’s part to keep iTunes’ revenue flowing, and blocking live streaming video sources such as Hulu from outsourcing the program.

Let’s take a second to compare the iPad to the competition. One of the first similar products on the market that comes to mind is the Kindle,’s portable, electronic library. The main and noteworthy difference between the Kindle and iPad, is the utility of each. While the iPad can surf the net, email and play videos, the Kindle was created to store thousands of books on an easy to read screen that you could take with you wherever you go, also giving you the ability to buy books anywhere, anytime.


There are two sizes to the Kindle Wireless Reading Device , the larger of which matches the iPad and the smaller of which measures 6” diagonally. The battery life is also much longer, lasting up to about a week.

Other than the Kindle, a laptop or netbook, the iPad will be in a league of its own. If you’re a frequent flyer and would prefer the company of several movies over hundreds of books, the iPad is a clear winner. If your to-read book list is longer than your have-read list, the Kindle is the way to go.

I love it

The reviewed product was most likely given to us by the maker for review.

4 Comments to “iPad, Kindle, The World Now in Your Hands”

  1. Daniella says:

    I’ll stick with my Kindle for now, until Apple works out all of the issues they will probably find with the “PAD” :)

  2. Vicki Day says:

    I’m not a gadget phobia – but I wouldn’t buy a Kindle as I love buying actual books and I love the sensation of cracking open a book and turning the pages and the smell of the paper – so maybe I’m a freak but I like the physical book …..
    The ipad – so not sure about this and think it could be something we buy because it’s cool and whatever and actually it’s just more clutter in your life another gadget to update – feed with information etc;
    So sticking with my Blackberry, books and laptop thanks ……. but good review

  3. Judy says:

    I have a Kindle and love it so far! I don’t read as much in the winter as I do in the summer (while baking in the sun)so I’ll let you know just how much I love it after summer is over. ;D

  4. Ongoing says:


    iPad, Kindle, The World Now in Your Hands | Love Or Hate Debate

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