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November 4, 2010

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When we ladies think of menopause, the first thing that probably comes to mind are hot flashes: they strike without warning, can lead to embarrassing situations but perhaps worst of all, cost us valuable sleep time.

Waking up in the middle of the night (sometimes multiple times) and not only having to deal with the fiery surge in temperature but to then have to change out of our now damp pajamas before getting back to counting sheep. It’s all a nightmare and it’s an inevitable part of battling the hormone fluxes.

It’s not just women entering menopause who are susceptible to hot flashes, either. Many pregnant women or women fighting cancer also experience temperature spikes that drain them of energy from lost sleep.

While the best cure for the flashes themselves is time and a remote-control fan, now there’s a pajama line specially designed for managing the night sweat terrors and eliminate the otherwise mandatory pj change.

Eaden sleepwear was designed by Wendy Eade, who discovered her nights were improved dramatically by wearing a sports t-shirt made with a special fiber, Dri-release with Freshguard. The fiber works to remove moisture from your body that is produced by vigorous exercise. The same thinking can be applied to menopause, pregnancy and other hormone-blasting stages of life.

Eaden sleepwear uses the same Dri-release material but now combined with attractive women’s sleepwear patterns and design. In addition to being comfortable and chic, the line is available in a wide variety of sizes, including plus sizes to fit every body shape and size.

Testimonials support the Eaden Sleepwear guarantee: that you can get a sounder night’s sleep without having to make one (or more) clothing changes in the middle of the night due to hot flashes, whatever the source. Some of the women writing in don’t even suffer from heat terrors, though; one thankful customer is grateful to the product line for offering her a sleepwear solution to sensitive skin that otherwise gets irritated quite easily.

The feeling of getting a full night’s sleep is priceless and shouldn’t be a pricey commodity. Eaden Sleepwear is reasonably priced for its range of utility and eliminating the need to get out of bed to get out of the heat.

I love it

To view Eaden’s entire collection,and get more information about this wonder product and the founder click here and visit their website.