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I’ve always told my husband that I like gifts that come in small boxes…the smaller the box the better.

Have you met Irina Stasevsky? Our very own member?

Several months ago I visited Irina’s site and saw those earrings.

Once I did, I knew I just had to have them. They soon became my favorite.
I love unique, delicate jewelry.I love casual pieces that I can wear everyday or to an evening affair.


My earrings are not only beautiful, but they are very light. While I get tons of compliments I can’t even feel that I’m wearing them.

Irina only uses semi-precious stones. Her work is simple, yet fun and makes you feel confident and sexy.


Look at this beautiful flower. It’s simplicity makes a statement.

With exceptional attention to detail, each piece is distinctively crafted.


Using only top of the line semiprecious gems, Swarovski crystals and a dazzling array of stones, each piece is styllish in it’s own way, elegant and timeless.
Priced so reasonably that even in our tough economy every woman should own a piece.

Visit her site to pick your favoritepiece.

What do I think about Irina’s collection?

I love it

The reviewed product was most likely given to us by the maker for review.

7 Comments to “Irina’s Creations – Custom Jewelry At It’s Best”

  1. LoveOrHateDebate says:

    HI Ladies,

    I know that some of you purchased some pieces from Irina, feel free to post your pics so others can enjoy.


  2. MrsD says:

    Those earrings look spectacular on you Yana – I have always admired Irina’s rings as they are so bold and beautiful – she has a great eye for design.

  3. vikki hall says:

    I have bought a few pieces from Irina absolutely love them. I think most who know me know I’m a jewelry junkie. I love the uniqueness and care that goes into each of her pieces.

  4. Stephanie says:

    So many adorable pieces to pick from, it’s hard to pick my favorite. But they all look so good. I can see myself wearing a few of them now.


  5. Stephanie says:

    So hard to choose with so many great options, but if I had to pick one, my favorite would be the Swarovski pearls bracelet.


  6. Mary says:

    I definitely will take a peek at Irina’s site. Thanks for sharing and you look fabulous.

  7. Neicy says:

    Hi Yana, well Irina knows how I feel about her wonderful creations I have several pieces of hers and look to buy more in the future she is quite talented in her craft and very generous as well.

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