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Although we have Superman, us fashionistas have been in desperate need for a different kind of hero—and it has finally been discovered.

Say hello to Heelskinz.

We live for the thrill of purchasing our new favorite pair of stilettos, but as soon as the opportunity to wear them arises, we begin to worry about scuffs and scrapes.

Finally, we have a product that not only protects our beloved shoes, but also spices up our look.

Ranging in a variety of colors such as black, leopard, zebra, and pink, Heelskinz can be used on high heels, stilettos, and boots.

It’s a twenty-dollar purchase that can save us several trips to the shoemaker and relieve our common worries.

Conveniently, Heelskinz comes with a stylish pouch that can fit easily in your purse or glove box. This is the trendy solution we’ve all been waiting for.

What do I think about this invetion?

I love it

The reviewed product was most likely given to us by the maker for review.

6 Comments to “Introducing HeelsSkinz”

  1. Demi says:

    OMG what a cool idea. Love it

  2. Mary says:

    Great little invention!

  3. Dawna says:

    I wouldn’t buy it because it dosen’t protect the part of the heel that gets the most scuffs and tears, and that’s the bottom part of the heel near the tap. the bottom part of the heel is where most damage is received and it’s completely unprotected.

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    Introducing HeelsSkinz | Love Or Hate Debate

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    Introducing HeelsSkinz | Love Or Hate Debate

  6. Suwannee says:

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