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November 3, 2011

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Shaving and or waxing are two of the most annoying parts of hygiene and personal appearance upkeep for women (and men) across the country. It seems the cosmetic industry regularly puts out a new product that promises to make the hair removal process easier, and will make it so you won’t have to go through the process as often.

The latest item on the market is the eGlide Hair Removal Roller: a state-of-the-art home electrolysis tool produced by Verseo. The eGlide uses electrolysis technology to safely remove hair in the privacy of your own home, conveniently and on your schedule.

The eGlide’s technology utilizes a delivery mechanism that distributes a pain-free, mild galvanic current to your skin, which penetrates the hair shaft to deaden the follicle. Because this method does not actually pull or remove the hair like other electrolysis devices, it is safe to use on all areas of the body without pain.

The galvanic current works to irritate the hair follicle, which will eventually stop its growth cycle with continued use of the eGlide hair remover roller system. Hair is removed painlessly and without scarring.

The Verseo eGlide hair removal roller costs under $100, an incredible bargain compared to salon costs for equivalent hair removal. However, compared to the salon trips and other methods available, the eGlide does take steady, consistent use to be most effective—which also makes it so incredibly affordable.

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