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February 15, 2012

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Are you noticing bald spots on your head? Or noticing too many hair strands on your cloths, car seat, pillows?

Your hair’s health is extremely important and cannot be ignored. Many dermatologists advise that we should see our hair as a garden that goes through different growing cycles and that there are many different reasons the hair falls out with greater intensity either caused by genetic heritage, illness, medication, chemicals, daily stress, poor nutrition, and others.

In the US the hair loss in women condition represents an increasing number, as more than 30 million women will at some point in their lives suffer from hair loss. (American Academy of Dermatology studies)

There are ways to identify the Hair loss as well as ways to control it. A good start will be to review your daily diet, be sure to eat as many greens as possible as well as very bright colourful fruits. Adding a dietary supplement or vitamins could also help. But keep in mind that this condition could last several years until the hair is fully recovered or the stress level balances out better.

Preventing hair loss is possible just keep a close eye on the care you give to your hair and make sure to visit a professional for further advise.

February 2, 2012

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Personally, I find that wearing the right gear helps me get my butt into the gym to work out, and if I feel good while I’m doing it, then I’m much more motivated to give it my all. I have never been a fan of hitting the gym, but with my genes, I don’t have the option of skipping my workouts.

While I do my workouts I prefer to be comfortable, and usually that requires wearing a quality shirt or tank that isn’t too baggy and won’t interfere. The shirt wasn’t too baggy (I found it true to size), and I wasn’t too hot wearing it while I worked out. In fact, I felt it had great ventilation and didn’t leave me sweating through the material, something I often experience. I also love the fact that it has a pocket on the back, perfect for iPod storage!

On a side note – the designs on these shirts are the closest I’ll ever come to getting tattoos (hey! Why can’t I dream – right?). While I felt great, looked good and was comfortable during my workout, there is one downfall, the much feared price tag. I know sometimes workout clothes are hard to find, but better quality items do tend to come at a higher price range.

I give it a thumbs up – I love it! But be sure to take care of it – you wouldn’t want to ruin your fancy items now, would you?

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