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What if I told you that there’s a small “green machine” that will not only save you money, but will keep food fresher for longer and neutralize mold, bacteria and odor in your fridge.

I’m really not a believer in gadgets, so I was skeptical – to say the least. Imagine my surprise when I noticed my berries and green leafy veggies lasted so much longer.

I can’t claim that I’m 100% vegan, but I’m getting there. Up until now my biggest challenge has been keeping my very expensive produce in the fridge longer than a few days. When this company sent me a unit to try out, I placed it in the fridge and forgot about it, until my husband said: “Didn’t you buy those strawberries last week?” That’s when I noticed I hadn’t thrown away anything in the last week.


The Ozonator is sold for $49.95 – but with the amount of money you save on your produce it’s definitely worth it.

I give it a thumbs up.

I love it

To find out more about Ozonator click here and visit their website.


January 8, 2013

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is winding down, I hope
that all of you have written your New Years resolutions, and will not
only plan for them, but carry them out.

My plan for the year is to continue to do everything drug free,
meaning the less chemicals I digest through taking any kind of
medications, and the less preservatives I ingest through injections,
the healthier I will be. Having said that, I’m heading towards turning
48, and those lines called “wrinkles” are making a point to stand out.

Since I’m no longer a candidate for fillers, botox, etc. I had to find an alternative that would be healthier and less risky… and I’ve stumbled upon an amazing solution. For the past two months, two times a day, I have been using Senté Skin Products cream – and my skin is glowing. My wrinkles are less visible and I’m still injection free.

I became rather curious about what made this cream different from the rest and with a little bit of research and time I learned about Glycoproteins. Glycoproteins are sugar molecules attached to proteins found both on the surface of skin cells and beneath deeper layers of skin. This is what helps capture moisture in the skin to maintain its plumpness. Senté synthesizes these proteins which allows skin to appear relaxed, smooth, and vibrant (I’m a glowing testimony to that)!

Despite the fact that it’s pricey (but no more than the botox and filler risky options out there), I know it works… and you know me – I can rarely say that. Within two weeks of using the cream my
girlfriends asked if I had anything done to my face, and we all know that girlfriends notice what others don’t, so this is definitely working.

Feel free to check out this product yourselves and let me know how

I love it

To find out more about Sente Skin Products click here and visit their website.

August 15, 2012

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When we were asked to review Juil Sandals, I thought that Yana should be the one to test them. Why? Simply because she suffers from terrible arthritis, and finding shoes or sandals that are comfortable is practically impossible. Here is what mom said:

“I was actually amazed by the technology behind these adorable sandals. Who would of thought that someone would attempt to make a shoe that connects us to the earth. The Juil line of sandals does just that. Special copper pieces beneath your toes and heel allow you to connect with the earth while harnessing its energy.

I was pleasantly surprised when I put my new sandals on and didnt take them off until nighttime. Usually when I wear new shoes I have new aches and pains but today Im going to bed with a smile on my face.

I loved the packaging and the bag that is included with your purchase. While Juil isnt cheap (at $125-135 dollars per pair), I’d rather have one pair that is crafted with my feet in mind (and fashionable) than have four pairs of cheap sandals that add to my aches and pains.

I also loved the fact that In 2012, Juil is partnering with Soles4Souls. For each pair of Juil footwear purchased, a pair of shoes will be donated to a person in need in a developing country.

They dont only talk the talk, but they walk the walk.”

I guess it’s thumbs up all the way, so you know what that means….if mom approves we all follow her lead …..

I love it