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July 28, 2011

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Ever wonder how it is possible for an anti-aging cream to work for people of all ages? Time for a wake-up call! No such thing exists.

Jasmina Aganovic, a MIT-trained chemical and biological engineer, came up with a product that focuses on age specificity.

Stages of Beauty is a new skincare product that caters to the needs of women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. As the years go by, free radicals, stress, and UV rays continually victimize our skin; however, using your ordinary anti-aging cream won’t do the trick.


Ms. Aganovic delved deeper into researching the mystery behind achieving glowing beautiful skin. Turns out, as we age our skin becomes thinner. We live in constant exposure, and as we age, our skin matures and requires more attention.

Stages of Beauty offers specific ingredients for every product of every age group that leaves skin hydrated, firm, and reinforced.


What I really loved was the magical packaging! In a sleek black box lies Ms. Aganovic’s divine creation atop a bed of white shredded bits.

While the packaging was superb, I didn’t find the cream to be of the same caliber. It was definitely not my favorite, but I decided to keep my opinions to myself until I heard from the older generation in my household. When I did, I could only smile. The women in our family share everything. My grandma said the cream was not oily enough and her face was very dry. My mom said that her skin didn’t feel hydrated at all, and she didn’t like the consistency of the cream. There was one more sample for us to try, but we don’t have a 30 plus brigade of women to test it out, but based on us three, we didn’t love it.


What do I think about this product?


I hate it

Sorry Jasmina, women in this household are a tough crowd to please.

August 31, 2010

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KmS Skincare

Every woman I know is looking for the miracle ointment, cream or pill to erase wrinkles and get back the face she had when she was twenty. While no such fountain-of-youth product has been put on sale for mass consumption, the cosmetic industry has really stepped up its production of anti-aging products.

I’ve done my fair share of sifting through all kinds of products; serums, creams, lotions, pills, sprays—it’s endless. But my favorite of the moment is KmS Mineral Essentials. A product that Kristi Shannon, member of came up with.

KmS also offers a mineral makeup line, but their product line of lotions, cleansers and creams are all natural, as most mineral cosmetic products are. It’s a small mom-and-pop kind of company that takes pride in customer satisfaction and producing a good product.

As every woman approaches her forties, we start to really notice the changes in our faces and all the parts we’d like to stretch back into place. While KmS is not the miracle cream we all dream of, it’s an excellent line of products that make my face feel refreshed and youthful. Check out for more information and to see if it’s the right combination for you, too!

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