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February 15, 2012

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Are you noticing bald spots on your head? Or noticing too many hair strands on your cloths, car seat, pillows?

Your hair’s health is extremely important and cannot be ignored. Many dermatologists advise that we should see our hair as a garden that goes through different growing cycles and that there are many different reasons the hair falls out with greater intensity either caused by genetic heritage, illness, medication, chemicals, daily stress, poor nutrition, and others.

In the US the hair loss in women condition represents an increasing number, as more than 30 million women will at some point in their lives suffer from hair loss. (American Academy of Dermatology studies)

There are ways to identify the Hair loss as well as ways to control it. A good start will be to review your daily diet, be sure to eat as many greens as possible as well as very bright colourful fruits. Adding a dietary supplement or vitamins could also help. But keep in mind that this condition could last several years until the hair is fully recovered or the stress level balances out better.

Preventing hair loss is possible just keep a close eye on the care you give to your hair and make sure to visit a professional for further advise.

September 1, 2009

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Make sure to watch this one all the way to the end- a guaranteed laugh!


My hair is typically stick straight, and although many may think “Oh you’re so lucky,” it just sits there and does nothing! So, I finally came up with a solution…I would take loads of bobby pins (and I mean 10-15 at a time), and give myself a little bump on the top of my head. This gave my face “action” right away. Problem with this? Too many bobby pins poking into my already tired hair. So, the idea behind the Divado is fantastic. Gives you the bump with 1 quick insert and then you can leave it down or throw it up and add some spunk to your hair do. I do like that I can use this when going to work or to a wedding, so thats fabulous.


No gel or bobby pins required

Gives you some umph to your hair

Only takes a few minutes to insert

Buy directly at: Divado Hair or check the site for the store location nearest you.

love it!


I can see how it can work for some, but for me it’s to heavy and not stable enough to stay put in my hair.


To heavy

Not stable enough to last the whole day

It’s pricey $25 to $30

love it!

That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.