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August 30, 2009

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There is nothing worse than trying to get dressed as quickly as possible for a night out and realizing that my legs are not shaved.  While some people have it easy and can throw their leg in the sink and shave their legs in a matter of minutes- that’s not the case for me.  I have dry skin, so when I’m shaving I know I can expect the best results when I do two things: use shaving cream and take my time.  But let’s face it- no one has time, and we rarely use shaving cream. However, after many years I have learned that with the right razor we can fulfill both of these needs at the same time (regardless of what kind of skin we have), and have legs that are shaved to perfection.  The Venus Embrace razor by Gillette does exactly what the packaging promises.  It leaves you with “dramatically smooth skin”.

Venus Embrace

I know that when I use Venus Embrace I’m guaranteed to end up with results I am satisfied with.  But why?  First of all, it has a comfortable grip which makes it easy to hold onto- whether my hands are slippery from the shower or if I’m just rushing, making sure I’ve covered my entire leg while trying to balance myself on one foot while my other leg is in the sink (it’s just as funny as it sounds- but I’m sure we’ve all attempted to do it!).

Second, it has 5 blades so it leaves my legs smooth and absent of unwanted hairs.  And let’s face it- every time I shave, I just have to get the chills.  Going over my goosebumps with any other razor leaves my legs looking dry and flakey and my skin completely irritated—something I am sure none of us are interested in—and I have found that this razor does not.  So do I love it? Yes! Are their drawbacks? Ehh, also a yes.

While shaving with the Venus Embrace razor by Gillette is a smooth experience, there is one thing that is not- the packaging.  Just like any product that is packed with hard plastic, it’s impossible to open.  But don’t be frightened by this.  Use scissors and don’t rush through opening it—after all, shaving should be an enjoyable experience that leaves our hands and our legs free of cuts!

So, The Venus Embrace razor by Gillette? I love it, do you?


Retails: For $10.74 At Amazon, Click Here To Buy Now

Refillable System with ShowerSafe® Cartridges approximately $13

(Each package contains: • 1 Venus® Embrace® Razor • 2 Refill Cartridges • 1 ShowerPod®

Gillette Refill Cartridges (4 Pack) approximately $15


Handle has no slip grip

Has 5 blades on razor tip, resulting in a closer shave

Convenient shower-holder

Interchangeable blade


Plastic packaging is a pain to open

It’s pricier than other razors

Refill blades are expensive

love it!