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Dachshund (Standard)
Canidae Grain Free Pure (Canned)

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September 1, 2009

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Environmentally friendly
Great for gifts for girls
Fairly priced at $20.00


We couldn’t find any

You can buy it directly from the creators of this wonderful product by visiting their site at:

love it!


When each of my three daughters got their first period, I made a big deal out of it. They received flowers, a card that said “welcome to womanhood,” and a dinner out to celebrate.

I know that some girls are shy and others or not, but reality remains the same for all. We are all going to get our periods, and we as mothers need to provide a helping hand so our daughters can deal with it.

When we received this product for review, I was stoked. I wish something like this was available five years ago, what a Fabulous idea.

These girly girl TomKits come in two styles- the Pokka and the Ginger, containing a new generation of environmental, biodegradable, and flushable pads and panty liners, along with hand sanitizer made without any animal testing. Intimate, flushable wipes are made with aloe and vitamin E. Should you need another pair of underwear, they have got that covered too…the kit includes a 100% cotton bikini underpant that you can toss (or wash) when you are done because it is biodegradable. Small, recyclable disposal sacks are included as wrappers, etc. The kit even has a Scharffen Berger natural lip balm ganache made with no petroleum products, and a cycle chart to keep your daughters time of the month on track…and even that is printed on recycled paper. The cosmetic bag is eco-friendly, colorful, and for $20.00 you and your daughters will always be prepared!

love it!

Now let’s hear what Daisy has to say.

August 26, 2009

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